• J KBello and Jesús Martí, the two best friends of the edition, starred in the final battle.
  • Jesús Martí won the final trophy and the grand prize of 100,000 euros in cash.

Booth six was his since the first programme of ‘Cover Night’ and nobody managed to get him out of it. Jesús Martí arrived with a broad musical base and a voice that was a gift for the judges and the audience. Vocalist in the band ‘Waiting for sunset’, he dreamed of being able to give a boost to his career as an artist. His tireless struggle, his evolution and all his effort have given him the final victory.

In the first show he performed a stunning version of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’. In the successive galas she shone with songs that she decided to repeat in the final battle, such as ‘Sola otra vez’ by Celine Dion, ‘Show must go on’ by Queen and ‘Quédate conmigo’ by Pastora Soler.

Mónica Naranjo, Miguel Bosé, Chanel and Juan Magán even said of him that “he has a Ferrari in his throat” and “spectacular vocal ability”. His evolution has been unstoppable and his weak point at the beginning of the edition, the low tones, he now controls them to perfection.

Jesús Martí and J Kbello, a friendship for life
In the first phase, the public gave the master key that gave direct access to the final battle to J Kbello. The contestant took the song ‘Será que no amas’, by Luis Miguel, to his own territory. José Luis Jaén and Virginia Alves performed ‘Alfonsina y el mar’, by Mercedes Sosa, and ‘Me olvidé de vivir’, by Julio Iglesias, respectively, and said goodbye to ‘Cover Night’ to well-deserved applause and the affection of the judges and the audience.

In the final battle, J Kbello decided to repeat his versions of ‘Mi gran noche’ by Raphael; ‘Escuela de calor’ by Radio Futura; ‘Vivir así es morir de amor’ by Camilo Sesto and ‘Corre’ by Jesse y Joy. If there was one thing that stood out, it was the sincere friendship between the two contestants. “Not even in our best dreams had we imagined a final like this, between us. It’s been very exciting. I mean it from the bottom of my heart, I don’t care if I win it or he takes it”, said J Kbello. Jesús Martí emphasised the words of his partner and friend before joining him in an emotional embrace.

Abraham Mateo and Ana Guerra presented the trophy and the award to Jesús Martí after Ruth Lorenzo announced the name of the winner, chosen by the public. The presenter closed the season with a few words of thanks: “It has been a pleasure to be with you and to share live music. Thank you all. After a thrilling final battle, the Granada-born singer won the victory, the champion’s trophy and the 100,000 euro cash prize.